Nanoplasmonics: From Gap Plasmons to Plasmonic Circuits
February 20th, 2018 HONGXING XU School of Physics and Technology & Institute for Advanced Studies
Wuhan University

Manipulating light on the nanometer scale is a challenging topic not only from a fundamental point of view, but also for applications aiming at the design of miniature optical devices. Nanoplasmonics is a rapidly emerging branch of photonics, which offers various means to manipulate light using surface plasmon excitations on metal nanostructures. Here I will talk about our studies about nanoplasmonics.

One aspect is about silver nanowire based nanophotonic plasmon circuits including plasmon waveguides, routers, gains, plasmon-based interferometric logics and the cascades of different logics. The other aspect is about the huge electromagnetic field enhancement in the gap between metal nanostructures for e.g. ultrasensing, nonlinear optics, SERS, optical forces, plasmochemistry, focusing on managing light with plasmons in the nanometer scale.

Seminar, February 20, 2018, 12:30. ICFO’s Blue Lecture Room

Hosted by Prof. Javier García de Abajo