Implicit bias and how words matter

March 8th, 2019 Event postponed. New date TBC

This event will be rescheduled. New date tbc

Moderated by ICREA Professors at ICFO Dr. María García-Parajo and Morgan Mitchell

There is a wealth of scientific data on the subject of bias, and while we would all like to believe that we have no biases or prejudices regarding gender, the truth is that no one is immune. In this interactive session, moderators will engage the audience to debate specific examples of statements and scenarios with the goal of identifying unconscious biases that may be influencing our perceptions and interactions with men and women.

This debate is part of a full agenda of activities that will take place during Women in Science Month. All ICFOnians are encourage to attend as are interested members of the PMT campus community.

Members of the PMT campus are asked to register in advance (link to registration):