Young Photonics Congress 2019

Young Photonics Congress
March 15th, 2019 ICFO, Barcelona

ICFO annually organizes the Young Photonics Congress, a meeting point for young students that makes them live the experience of a scientific congress. ICFOnians are encouraged to attend the poster session, where the participants will have the occasion of explaining their work.

Come to the next Young Photonics Congress and live the experience of a scientific congress where the spotlight is on young people like you! You could explain your work to other students and to ICFO researchers. It is a fantastic occasion to share knowledge and experiences with other people who share the passion for science.

In the past three editions we had many talented high school students presenting very interesting projects related to:

  • the nature of light and its applications;
  • graphene and new materials;
  • renewable energy;
  • microscopy;
  • light applications to health and life sciences;
  • nanotechnology;
  • quantum physics

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