Women in Science Series NICOLE SCHOLZ
Converting Mechanical Force into Signal: Metabotropic Mechanosensing through GPCRs

April 3rd, 2019 April 3, 2019. 12:00 – 13.30

ICFO strongly supports actions that encourage and empower women in science and in keeping with this goal, offers the “Women in Science” series. These events aim to increase the visibility of female researchers, promote excellence through the participation of women role models and create a discussion forum on specific topics of interest related to Women in Science.

The next event will take place on Wednesday 3 April, at 12:00 in the Blue Lecture room, welcoming Dr. Nicole Scholz from Rudolf-Schönheimer-Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Leipzig. The scientific seminar will be followed by a general discussion on women in science with a pizza lunch in situ.


NICOLE SCHOLZ : ‘ Converting mechanical force into signal: Metabotropic mechanosensing through GPCRs

The mechanical habitat holds vital information for the development and daily function of cells and tissues. Adhesion-type G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs) have recently emerged as a large molecule family with potential mechanosensory properties, but their mechanotransduction mechanism remains largely unknown. We interrogated a prototype aGPCR, Latrophilin/CIRL, and provide evidence for the molecular and physiological rationale of its mechanosensing paradigm. This work suggests a model in which the aGPCR dCIRL acts as a molecular sensor and signal transducer that detects and converts mechanical stimuli into a metabotropic response. .

** All ICFOnians are encouraged to participate in this seminar as well as the discussion which will follow.

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