June 26th, 2019 Conference, June 26, 2019, 9:15. ICFO’s Auditorium

The IONS BCN ’19 conference on optics and photonics will be hosted in Barcelona by ICONS, the OSA student chapter of ICFO.

26-29 June, 2019

ICFO- The Institute of Photonic Sciences

IONS (International OSA network of students) is a conference organised for and by students. The program of IONS BCN’19 will cover 4 major topics of optics and photonics: nanophotonics, biophotonics, quantum optics and optical devices. The conference will provide a platform for PhD students across Europe and the world to network and share their scientific endeavours. In the recent years, there have been an average of over a 100 participants at IONS, with keynote talks for each topic given by internationally renowned researchers.

The keynote speakers for IONS BCN ’19 are:
  • Quantum Optics: Eleni Diamanti, Sorbonne Univ. - CNRS
  • Nanophotonics: Lukas Novotny, ETH Zürich
  • Biophotonics: Viola Vogel, ETH Zürich
  • Optical Devices: Jenny Nelson, Imperial College London
There will be several contributed talks and posters from students world over!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to present your work, learn, network and visit the labs at ICFO!

Attendee registration deadline: 7 Jun 2019
Poster Abstract submission deadline: 7 Jun 2019