Bias Dependent Low Frequency Noise Model in Single-Layer Graphene FETs

In this work, a compact model for the bias dependence of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) in single-layer graphene FETs (GFETs) is proposed considering both carrier number (ΔΝ) and mobility fluctuation (Δμ) effects. The derivation of the model is based on dividing the device channel into elementary slices; local noise fluctuations are then propagated to the terminal currents and voltages. The noise equations are extracted based on the chemical potential-based compact model proposed in while data from liquid-gated GFETs validate the model. ΔΝ mechanism is responsible for the M-shape of LFN with a minimum at Charge Neutrality Point (CNP) provided that the residual charge (ρ0) is significant while Δμ also contributes to this minimum. Channel non-homogeneity at higher VDS values is also taken into account and it slightly increases LFN at CNP. The effect of Velocity Saturation (VS) mechanism on LFN at high longitudinal electric fields is also considered and results in a reduction of noise.

Seminar, June 7, 2019, 11:00. ICFO’s Blue Lecture Room

Hosted by Prof. Frank Koppens