Nano-Scale Control of Solid-State High-Harmonics
July 10th, 2019 GIULIO VAMPA

Solids provide an immediate advantage over gases: they can be patterned at the nanoscale. In this seminar, I’ll first present a review of the latest research that exploited this advantage to design materials that emit high harmonics with higher efficiencies by localizing the infrared field. In the second part, I’ll focus instead on solving one major limitation common to all high-harmonic sources: reabsorption of the short wavelength radiation by the nonlinear medium itself. Without relying on enhancement of the driving field, I’ll show how suitably designed nanostructures increase the extraction depth of high-harmonics by ~ 100 times, thus paving the way for brighter high-harmonic sources from dense media as well as applications of propagating high-energy radiation for on-chip photonics.

Seminar, July 10, 2019, 13:30. ICFO’s Auditorium