Pair-Production and Real-Time Confinement in 1+1 Discretized Scalar QED
June 27th, 2019 TITAS CHANDA Jagiellonian University

At high energies, pairs of particle and anti-particle are created from strong electric field due to the Schwinger effect. Moreover, due to local (Abelian or non-Abelian) gauge symmetries present in high-energy physics, we have celebrated “confinement” phenomenon in the non-perturbative limits, which is responsible for binding elementary quarks into baryons. We consider discretized version of 1+1 scalar (bosonic) QED on a one-dimensional lattice, which can be simulated by ultra-cold atomic systems. The model obeys local U(1) Abelian gauge invariance. By employing one-dimensional tensor network algorithms, we show signatures of pair-production in the time-evolution of the system after a local or global quench, where particles and anti-particles get created and fly away in opposite directions. Moreover, due to confinement, attraction between particles and anti-particle increases with distance as they fly away from each other, which strongly hinders the spreading of information in the dynamics, and results in bending of light-cone.

Seminar, June 27, 2019, 12:00. ICFO’s Seminar Room

Hosted by Prof. Maciej Lewenstein