Fractional Skin Grafting and Fluorescence Excitation Imaging for the Treatment and Evaluation of Skin Wounds
August 29th, 2019 WALFRE FRANCO Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

The standard of care for full-thickness skin wounds is split-thickness autologous skin grafts, which consists in grafting the upper layers of skin (epidermis and upper dermis) from a healthy donor site onto the wounded site. Clinical outcomes of this procedure are lack of skin function at the injured site and scarring at both the donor and wounded sites. Furthermore, it is difficult to predict if the grafted skin will create a new epidermis to close the wound. In this talk, I will present the development path of new therapeutic and diagnostic methods to overcome current limitations in wound care. I will discuss the requirements and features that made possible the translation of our technology. Many of the barriers that we were able to sort out are not unique to our technology but rather common in the translation of medical devices.