Quantum Physics for Hippies
November 15th, 2019 Lukas Neumeier and James Douglas University of Vienna // MEETOPTICS

Bob, a spiritual hippie, meets the witty nerd Alice, who day-dreams about quantum physics all day long. This chance meeting starts them on a mind-blowing journey into the nature of reality that will change their lives forever.
Written by quantum physicists and beautifully illustrated, Quantum Physics for Hippies takes the bizarre world of quantum physics and makes it understandable for everyone, hippies and nerds alike.

Why this book?
Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about what quantum physics is, and what it means for us. The wonderful world of quantum vibrations and entanglement are often misused to justify the impossible, obscuring rather than revealing the truth. This is normally simply due to misunderstandings of what is a very difficult subject. In this book, we give a taste of what we think the magic of quantum physics is really all about, and show that reality is far more mind-bending than any fantasy.

Lukas Neumeier studied physics at the Technical University Munich and later obtained his PhD in the Theoretical Nano-Photonics research group led by ICREA prof. at ICFO Darrick Chang in 2018. He is now a postdoctoral researcher in the Quantum Foundations Group of Markus Aspelmeyer in the University of Vienna.

James Douglas received his PhD in quantum gases from the University of Oxford, after which he joined Darrick Chang’s group as a postdoctoral researcher. He is now leading technical development at MEETOPTICS, a company that helps researchers in photonics and optical engineers find optics for their setups.

After leaving ICFO, Lukas and James co-authored the book "Quantum Physics for Hippies", which was published earlier this year.

ICFO Alumni Seminar, Friday, November 15, 2019, 16:00. ICFO’s Seminar room