PhD students and post-doctoral researchers come to ICFO from all over the world and then fly in many different directions when their training here is complete. Some continue their career in another renowned research center. Others apply their unique skill set to industry, put their talent to the service of public and private agencies, or go on to create their own companies or institutions.

Research thrives on community, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. ICFO celebrates our diverse, active and mobile community through the ICFO Alumni Network. This institutionally backed network provides a platform and formal structure that allows ICFOnians to maintain common ties, supporting personal and professional relationships, as well as common interests and goals.

All Alumni are encouraged to maintain ties with the institute and the extended ICFO community as they advance their careers beyond ICFO.
You must be an ICFO Alumnus to access the Alumni Platform.
Please, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have not received your credentials.

ICFO is where I learned many of the skills I rely on today, and where I met many great friends; and the Alumni Network is a great way to stay in touch.

— Armand Niederberger, Honorary Alumni Representative
ICFO PhD graduate 2010, Director of Algorithms and Data Science, Leia Inc (USA)

The Alumni network helps me to continue to build on the formative personal and professional experience that began during my time as a PhD student at ICFO.

— Clara Osorio, Honorary Alumni Representative
ICFO PhD graduate 2010, currently working as a Research Scientist at TNO (NL)