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Our light emission thrust is addressing the SWIR/MWIR challenge by developing high performance low-cost light emitters based on solution processed colloidal quantum dots. We currently focus on developing both broadband (LEDs) as well as narrowband (Lasers) light emitters to address light source needs in the SWIR market for applications ranging from food quality inspection, environmental monitoring, compact spectrometry to optical communications, 3D imaging and automotive safety and security. We engineer CQD surface as well as the device architecture to reach unprecedentedly high quantum efficiency and radiance. By further engineering the stacks and exploiting the quantum size effect we envision to develop new classes of broadband SWIR emitters as a new compact, CMOS compatible highly efficient light source for remote sensing, spectroscopy and automotive multispectral imaging.

On a different sub-thrust we develop CQD laser sources to build the last missing block in the chain towards silicon photonics. Our group’s efforts are focused in the development of lasing sources in the infrared based on CQDs, as new optical gain media for integration to CMOS as well as fiber optic technology with applications in sensing, 3D-imaging, LIDAR and optical communication technologies.

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