Fiber-laser-pumped cw Ti:sapphire laser

Fiber-laser-based cw OPOs and frequency conversion sources

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The primary objective of this program is to develop a new generation of high-power cw OPOs and nonlinear frequency conversion sources based on the rapidly advancing fiber laser technology, to provide novel flexible light sources with wide spectral coverage in the UV, visible and mid-IR, in compact, efficient and portable architectures. The main emphasis is on the development of singly-resonant oscillators (SROs) to achieve watt-level cw optical powers with high spectral purity, excellent spatial beam quality, high frequency and power stability, and wide coarse and fine tuning capability. We exploit new quasi-phase-matched nonlinear materials and novel system architectures to achieve optimum performance with regard to output power and efficiency, power and frequency stability, and spectral and spatial beam quality. Applications include photoacoustic spectroscopy, trace gas sensing, breath analysis, and life sciences.

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