Fiber-laser-pumped picosecond OPO for the visible to mid-infrared

Fiber-laser-based ultrafast OPOs and frequency conversion sources

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This program is focused on the advancement of ultrafast synchronously-pumped OPOs and nonlinear frequency conversion technology to the rapidly emerging mode-locked fiber pump lasers. The goal is to provide more versatile, compact, practical, and portable ultrafast light sources of picosecond and femtosecond pulses covering wide spectral regions from the UV, across the visible, to the mid-IR. We exploit novel birefringent and quasi-phase-matched nonlinear materials and cascaded frequency conversion techniques, to provide watt-level optical powers and optimum system performance and high stability in compact and practical formats, which could directly benefit applications in optical microscopy, time-domain spectroscopy, frequency metrology, biophotonics and nanotechnology.

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