20 July 2010 Leibinger Awards Ceremony

The award winners.

Ceremony held in Germany on July 9, 2010. Among the awardees was ICFO Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh. On July 9, Berthold Leibinger Foundation celebrated laser innovation with the 2010 awards ceremony held in Ditzingen, Germany. The awardees were Thorsten Trupke and Robert Bardos from University of New South Wales and BT Imaging Pty Ltd, Australia; Project Group UV for the Smart Grid, Germany; Karsten König, JenLab GmbH & Universtät des Saarlands, Germany; and ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh.

Prof. Ebrahim-Zadeh was awarded for his work on the continuously tunable femtosecond laser \"spanning from the ultraviolet to the infrared.\"

The Leibinger International Prize has been biennially presented since 2000 by the Berthold Leibinger Foundation for excellent research on the application or generation of laser light.