08 June 2011 Optical Oscillators

Optical parametric oscillator set-up.

Research at the group led by Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh highlighted in Nature Photonics. The June issue of Nature Photonics features in its research highlights a recent contribution to optical oscillators by the group of Prof. Ebrahim-Zadeh.

The authors demonstrate a new method for the in-situ absolute optimization of an oscillator’s output power, circumventing a major problem since the laser invention in 1960. The method works on broad spectral range, under any operating conditions - such as the pumping level - and has no detrimental effect on the spatial, temporal and spectral characteristics of the oscillator output.

By integrating an antiresonant ring interferometer inside a picosecond optical parametric oscillator, the method presents optimum output coupling at different pump power levels, enabling the extraction of more than 5 W of signal power for a pump power of 14 W.

The paper Interferometric output coupling of ring optical oscillators was published in Optics Letters by ICFO researchers PhD student Chaitanya Kumar, Research Fellow Dr Adolfo Esteban-Martin, who conceived the idea and developed the experiment, and ICREA Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh, leader of the Optical Parametric Oscillators group at ICFO.

This work follows the seminal paper, Opt. Lett. 35, 2786-2788 (2010), published by Dr Esteban-Martin and co-workers, and extends antiresonant ring interferometry from linear to ring oscillators.