01 November 2011 A New Breakthrough in OPOs

Laser Focus World highlights new advances in optical parametric oscillators by the group led by Prof. Ebrahim-Zadeh. Laser Focus World highlights the circumvention of a fundamental limitation of OPOs since their first implementation 50 years ago. Researchers at the group of Prof. Ebrahim-Zadeh have developed an OPO that can provide two arbitrary and independently tunable pairs of signal and idler wavelengths, in contrast with conventional OPOs, in which the output signal and idler frequencies are always linked to one another through energy conservation and phase-matching conditions, and cannot be independently tuned.

The novel architecture – in the figure – comprises two nonlinear crystals in a single cavity. The paper Dual-wavelength, two-crystal, continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator was published in Optics Letters by former ICFO Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Goutam Samanta, now at the Physical Research Laboratory at Navarangpura, India; and ICREA Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh, leader at ICFO of the Optical parametric oscillators group.