15 January 2012 ICFO in Applied Optics

Advances on second-harmonic-generation by the group led by Prof. Ebrahim-Zadeh on the cover of Applied Optics. The paper Single-frequency, high-power, continuous-wave fiber-laser-pumped Ti:sapphire laser was published in Applied Optics by ICFO Ph. D. students S. Chaitanya Kumar and Kavita Devi; ICFO Postdoc Dr. Stefano Sanguinetti; Dr. Goutam Kumar Samanta from Physical Research Laboratory at Navarangpura, India; and ICREA Prof. Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh.

The authors explain how single-pass second-harmonic-generation combined with progress in fiber laser technology can now provide continuous-wave green sources at unprecedented powers, with competitive performance over traditional solid-state pump lasers, enabling the development of fiber-laser-pumped Ti:sapphire lasers.