30 April 2012 Review Paper on Thermoplasmonics

Heat generation on the nanoscale using plasmonic nanostructures

Romain Quidant co-authors
a review paper on thermoplasmonics in Laser&Photonics Review.
ICREA Prof. Romain Quidant and Dr. Guillaume Baffou, former ICFOnian and now at Institut Fresnel, CNRS, France, have published a review paper on the story and prospects of thermoplasmonics.

Thermoplasmonics studies the control of temperature at the nanoscale by means of metallic nanostructures featuring enhanced light absorption, which turn into ideal nano-sources of heat remotely controllable by light.

The authors describe the physics of heat generation in metal nanoparticles and survey some of its main applications such as photothermal cancer therapy, nanosurgery, drug delivery, photothermal imaging, protein tracking, photoacoustic imaging, nano-chemistry and optofluidics.