13 September 2012 MIRSURG achievements in Research *EU Results Magazine

ICFO participates in the creation of prototype compact all-solid-state laser system for minimally invasive neurosurgery. MIRSURG, the EU 7th Framework Programme project in which ICFO participates as one of nine interdisciplinary partners, has created a table-top , compact all-solid-state laser system prototype for ultra-precise and minimally invasive neurosurgery.

This important achievement meets the 2008 proposed objective of the MIRSURG project, which was to develop a laser source capable of emitting a wavelength near 6.45 µm, with high single-pulse energy and average power, allowing minimally invasive surgery at a penetration depth of a several micrometers, comparable to the size of a cell.

As reported in Research *EU Results Magazine, Valentine Petrov, the project coordinator from Max Born Institute in Berlin, is hopeful “that in the near future such a laser could become a practical surgical tool in every specialized operating room”.