21 November 2012 New European FET- ENERGY Project to be coordinated by ICFO

NANOMATCELL project aims to develop next generation DSSCs. NANOMATCELL (Novel Environmentally Friendly Solution Processed Nanomaterials for Panchromatic Solar Cells) is a new Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Project funded by the European Commission within FP7. It brings together research institutions from the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, and Spain, all coordinated by ICFO Group Leader Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos.

NANOMATCELL has summoned leading groups in the fields of nanomaterials and solar cells to develop the next generation of DSSCs (Dye Sensitised Solar Cells) to boost current performance limits, with emphasis on low-cost fabrication techniques and the use of novel environmentally friendly and Earth abundant materials.

Participating institutions:
  • École polytechnique féderale de Lausanne (EPFL). Research group led by Prof. Graetzel, the leading pioneer in the field of DSSC.
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Tue): Research group led by Profs. Erwin Kessels and Prof. Adriana Creatore, developing novel ultra-thin barrier films with anticorrosion properties for robust solar cell structures.
  • Imperial College London (ICL): Research groups led by Prof. Saif Haque, a spectroscopy expert in studying the physics of carrier dynamics in DSSCs, and by Prof. I. McCulloch, a world-renowned leader in the development of organic materials for solar cell and electronic applications.
  • ICFO: The solution processed nanophotonics group led by Nest Fellow, Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos, developing novel inorganic nanomaterials and architectures for environmentally friendly solar cells.
  • G24i: Serving as the consortium’s industrial partner, a leading manufacturer of flexible DSSCs with production facilities in Wales, UK.