11 June 2014 Café Cientific

Science in Society: Romain Quidant participates in an outreach event. As part of the agenda of the Barcelona based Café Científic – Science in Society informal meetings, ICREA Prof. at ICFO Romain Quidant will give a talk on “Màquines de llum” (Light Machines) in which he will introduce the science of light and light-based technologies, as well as the research being carried out at ICFO and his particular field of research, plasmon nano-optics.

Every third Wednesday of the month, a scientist is invited to the Casa Orlandai, in Sarrià, to talk about his/her particular field of research, share experiences with the public and engage in a Q&A conversation with the audience. The objective of these chats is to introduce scientific concepts to the general public in a very informal way, creating a close and relaxed encounter between the scientist and the public.

Date: June 11th, 19h

Place: Casa Orlandai, Sarrià, Barcelona