16 July 2015 New Proof of Concept

Romain Quidant is awarded an ERC Proof-of-Concept grant for the project SMARTLENS. ICREA Prof. at ICFO Romain Quidant (ERC Starting Grant ’11, ERC PoC Grant 2011 and ERC Consolidator Grant´15), who leads the Plasmon Nano-Optics research group, has been awarded a second Proof-of-Concept (PoC) study grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for the project SMARTLENS. SMARTLENS has the objective of exploiting a recently developed technology to create a new paradigm in optical imaging by transforming at low cost any conventional static optical lens into an adaptive lens whose imaging properties can be dynamically shaped almost at will.

The Proof of Concept funding helps ERC grant-holders bridge the gap between their research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation and complements the efforts of ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer Unit (KTT) which proactively searches for ways to translate newly generated knowledge into new technologies.

Congratulations Romain on this outstanding award!