24 September 2015 ESF – PLASMON-BIONANOSENSE: New Approaches to Biochemical Sensing with Plasmonic Nanobiophotonics

September 24-25, 2015
ICFO, Barcelona
The European Science Foundation network “New Approaches to Biochemical Sensing with Plasmonic Nanobiophotonics” (Plasmon-BioNanoSense) was launched in 2010 with the central goal of establishing a highly interdisciplinary community of scientists crossing the boundaries of the physical sciences (physics, materials science, chemistry), the biochemical sciences, and engineering, unified by the common objective of work towards optical nanobiosensors. The initial network grouping included expertise in the fundamentals of nanophotonics (theory and experiment), nanofabrication and nanotechnology, single-molecule spectroscopy, micron-scale biosensors, and photonic technology. The work programme of the network can be broadly divided into a number of research themes, such as control of light/matter interactions in electromagnetic field hot spots (the “sensing site”), steering of molecules into the sensing site (“agent delivery”), fundamental work on hot spot creation and nanoscale waveguides for superfocusing of light, optical and electrical read out, and integration. The network has supported many conferences, workshops and exchange visits between ESF partner countries on the topic.

The September 2015 meeting at ICFO concludes the ESF network. For this special occasion we have gathered main players in the field of Plasmon-BioNanoSense.