21 January 2016 Highlights from Faraday Discussion in ChemComm

Esther Gellings, Sanli Faez and Lukasz Piatkowski at the Faraday Discussion in London

25 years of Single-Molecule Microscopy and Spectroscopy The 2015 Faraday Discussion on Single-Molecule Microscopy and Spectroscopy brought together leading scientists involved in various topics of single-molecule research. It attracted participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and experience levels – from experimentalists to theoreticians, from biologists to materials scientists, from masters students to Nobel Prize Laureates. The meeting was merely a reflection of how big of an impact the ability to detect individual molecules has had on science over the past quarter of a century. The 2014 Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry William E. Moerner and Eric Betzig gave the opening and closing lectures. For their contributions to the field of single molecule research they were awarded Honorary Royal Society of Chemistry Fellowships.

Esther Gellings and Lukasz Piatkowski, both of ICFO, and Sanli Faez, of Debye Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands, all participating to the Faraday Discussion, were invited by The Royal Society of Chemistry to compile highlights and impressions of the Faraday Single Molecule meeting. The highlights were recently published in the RSC journal Chem. Commun.