20 February 2006 Blue light from BIBO in the news

Blue light scattered from a 990-mW beam illuminates an optical table

ICFO research by OPO group highlighted by Photonics Spectra The February 2006 issue of the magazine Photonics Spectra highlights research results obtained in the optical parametric oscillators group of the Institute. The feature reports on work conducted by PhD student M. Ghotbi and Prof. M. Ebrahim- Zadeh at ICFO, where the generation high repetition-rate picosecond pulses in the blue at record average powers of 990 mW. and conversion efficiencies in excess of 50% using a new nonlinear material, BIBO, was demonstrated. In addition, ICFO researchers measured BIBO nonlinearity to be 3.7 pm/V versus 1 to 2 pm/V for comparable materials such us BBO and LBO.

The record average powers were also presented as part of an invited talk contributed to the SPIE meeting, Photonics West, held in San José, California, in January 2006.