26 June 2006 ICFO research in the News

Tunable OPO across the green-yellow-orange-red spectral range

Research by Professor Ebrahim-Zadeh\'s group featured in optics.org OPTICS.org, an organization specialized in the dissemination of lasers and photonics news produced worldwide, highlights research results obtained in the optical parametric oscillators group of the Institute. The feature reports on work conducted by PhD student M. Ghotbi and Prof. M. Ebrahim- Zadeh at ICFO, where a new femtosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO) with continuous tuning across the red-orange-yellow-green as well as emission in the UV was demonstrated. The work was reported as a post-deadline paper at the CLEO/QELS conference in Long Beach, California (USA), during 21-26 May 2006.

The OPO, based on the nonlinear material BIBO and pumped in the blue, produced 120 fs pulses and average powers of 270 mW between 480-710 nm and 100 mW between 240- 355 nm. It is a unique source of femtosecond pulses which, in combination with the blue pump and the Ti:Sapphire laser, can provide spectral coverage across the entire UV to near-IR spectral range from 240 nm to 1050 nm.