20 March 2007 ICFO in Nature Photonics

Niek van Hulst contributes his news & views about how to orient out of a tight light spot ICREA Research Professor at ICFO, Niek van Hulst has contributed an article on polarization of tightly focused light, to the section news & views of the last Nature Photonics issue.

The article, entitled ‘Orienting out of a tight spot, discusses how to select the desired polarization of a tightly focused spot with a simple lens, without the need for conventional polarizers. Changing the polarization of tightly focused light is a key issue in high resolution imaging and could be very important in future data-storage applications.

The molecular nanophotonics group at ICFO, led by Prof Niek van Hulst focuses on nanoscale optical fields (nanoprobes, antennas, plasmonics) and single emitters (molecules, Q-dots, nanowires), using advanced experimental methods, where ultra-small (nanotechnology) and ultra-fast (femtosecond spectroscopy) come together.