16 July 2007 ICFO in Nature News & Views

Prof. Niek van Hulst

The nanofocusing challenge discussed by Niek van Hulst. ICFO Professor Niek van Hulst contributes an article in the section news & views of Nature, in the July 2007 issue.

Van Hulst discusses a recent result by Waele et al. that demonstrates how a nanoscale silver array circumvents the barrier that diffraction imposes on the smallest scales at which light can be controlled. Waele et at, not only circumvented this barrier, but they were able to steer different colors of light to different places. The so called nanofocusing challenge has implications in a whole range of areas, including small-scale sensing and lasing techniques, high-resolution optical imaging, super-compact photonic circuitry and ultra-sensitive biochemical analysis.

At ICFO, Niek van Hulst leads the molecular nanophotonics group, working in nanoscale optical fields and single emitters, using advanced experimental methods.