05 May 2009 ICFO in LFW

A temperature map around a gold nanowire

Recent results in molecular plasmonics by the group led by Prof. Romain Quidant featured in Laser Focus World. A new technique for temperature mapping at the nanoscale is explained in a feature published in Laser Focus World (LFW) by ICFO researchers Dr. Guillaume Baffou, postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Mark Kreuzer and Dr. Florian Kulzer, research fellows, and Prof. Romain Quidant, group leader at ICFO and ICREA professor. This optical technique was introduced in a paper by the group led by Prof. Romain Quidant in Optics Express. It enables fast and accurate temperature mapping around nanosources of heat such as plasmonic nanoparticles. This breakthrough should give an impetus to novel branches of nanotechnology such as thermoplasmonics, which are in need of an efficient thermal imaging tool.