29 May 2009 Fresnel Prize 2009

Prof. Romain Quidant

Prof. Romain Quidant is the winner of the Fresnel Prize 2009 for his research in applied photonics. The Fresnel Prize recognizes the highest level of excellence amongst emerging researchers, under the age of 35, in the field of photonics. Two awards are given every second year, to fundamental and applied aspects. This year the award for applied photonics has been presented to Prof. Romain Quidant. This prize acknowledges his work in the manipulation of microscopic and nanoscopic objects with light, with biomedical applications ranging from cancer diagnosis to the detection of doping.

The Fresnel Prize 2009 is awarded by the European Physics Society to the best researchers in Europe, working in science and applications of light. Prof. Romain Quidant has received one of the two awards, specifically the one dedicated to applied photonics. He is an ICREA researcher at ICFO, and is working in a very ambitious research program made possible through the generous support of the Fundació Cellex Barcelona. He also collaborates actively with Endor Nanotechnologies in the application of plasmonics to cosmetics and dermatology. Prof. Quidant received this recognition “for his groundbreaking and pioneering contribution to the concept of plasmon-based optical manipulation, in addition to his overall contribution to the field of plasmonics”.