A graphene nano-island supporting dipolar and quadrupolar plasmon resonances at frequencies f and 2f, respectively.

Graphene-based plasmonics and nonlinear optics

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Finding an approach to actuate nonlinear optical effects at ultra-low powers and on chip-scale devices is one of the outstanding challenges in optics. The ultimate limit is the quantum regime where individual light quanta strongly interact with each other, which would have far-reaching consequences in information technologies if achieved.

Ongoing investigations in our group show that the unique properties of graphene give rise to extraordinary nonlinear interaction strengths, even down to the level of single photons. We are currently pursuing a comprehensive understanding of the nonlinear optical properties of graphene and developing applications in the classical and quantum realms of nonlinear optical devices.

In this project, we are closely collaborating with the groups of Javier Garcia de Abajo and Frank Koppens at ICFO.

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